Save Your Manicure, Go Waterless

Save Your Manicure, Go Waterless

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There are few things that boost a woman’s confidence more than freshly manicured nails. But not even forty-eight hours later we are tugging our sleeves over our hands, balling our fingers into fists, trying to hide those undesirable (and seemingly inevitable) chips in our polish.

To make your mani last longer, try going waterless next time you are getting pampered. Even though soaking those hard-working hands feels oh-so luxurious, it is actually the H20 that is keeping your polish from reaching its full potential.

Here’s the science: when your nails absorb water they expand and don’t fully dry for 24 hours. So the polish that goes on after the soak is painted on a distorted canvas. As the nail dries, it morphs back into its natural form, causing the polish to crack and peel and make us sad.

Try these tips to go waterless at home or in the salon while still getting the pampering you deserve:

  1. Use essential oils to soften your cuticles instead of water

Try applying lavender or peppermint oil around the nail bed. It does the trick and it’s extra moisturizing! Just remember to remove any oil residue from the nail before applying polish.

     2. Warm your hands with a hot towel

There is no denying the relaxation that comes with the nail bath. Try applying a towel warm from the dryer or if you are at the salon ask your technician for a hot towel for the same calming effect.

     3. Moisturize with your favorite hand lotion or coconut oil

Skipping the soak does not mean your hands have to suffer! Nothing complements freshly painted nails more than smooth, glowing skin. This step is especially important in prepping for the post-mani insta pic.  

     4. Pick your favorite Shello polish and apply with care

         After all, this manicure is going to last.

If you have any questions about getting the most out of your manicure by going waterless, let us know.