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Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! Whatever you say your relationship status is, remember you’re always in a relationship…with yourself, that is. And while Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday focusing on giving and receiving love with others, why not turn inward and give and receive love from yourself this year? Here are a few ideas on how to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day:

Practice Self Care

This will look different for everyone, but the idea is to slow down and do something your mind and body needs. If you’re unsure of what that may be, don’t worry! Your body will tell you - you just have to listen. For some, it’s an extra hour of sleep, others may want a random glass of wine. Maybe you need an hour on the treadmill instead of rushing through 30 minutes. Whatever it may be, indulge yourself that luxury.

Pamper Yourself

No surprise we’re adding this one in here. There’s something about pampering that just leaves a girl feeling like her best self. Treat yourself to a blowout, or a spa package of a facial or a massage. Or, get a mani-pedi! Some of our favorites this time of year are Pinkless, Mauve On and Girl Boss (on sale the whole month of February for $5 per bottle).  

Treat Yourself

We live in a time where many of us have multiple jobs and are still just making ends meet. It can be exhausting to be so responsible all of the time. Treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on! No need to wait for someone else to buy you a present - you deserve one from yourself. Not saying to put yourself in debt over a bag, but splurge a little. 

However you choose to celebrate love today, we encourage you to put yourself first. Wishing you the very best Valentine’s Day!