Our Favorite Way To Go Clean

While this topic is hot and trendy in the modern climate, it really does hold value. Our world is contaminated on so many levels, and on a much smaller (yet not less important) scale, so are our bodies. Anything you put on your skin eventually seeps into your body. Clean and green beauty is not thriving because it’s cool - it’s thriving because people are interested in the health and safety of both themselves and the world.

That’s why our nail polish is vegan, 9-free and cruelty free. A question we get asked a lot is how can nail polish not be vegan? Well, animal oils and fats, crushed beetles, and guanine (found in animal tissue and fish scales) are common ingredients in your every day nail polish. They’re what major manufacturers use to give your polish either shimmery glows, vibrant red colors and a thick texture. 

We make our polish without any of the ingredients (and more!) described above. If you’ve worn our colors, or have seen them in person, you won’t notice much of a difference between ours and our non-vegan competitors. The same with being cruelty-free. While you can never know if something was tested on animals based on the product itself, this factor holds more of an integrity issue. As a creator, if there is a way to create a product without harming animals or humans in the process, why wouldn’t you take that route? And as a consumer, if your choice is to buy a pink nail polish that wasn’t tested on animals versus one that was, which would you buy? If you’re here, we’ll assume you choose the cruelty-free option. 

You’ll probably also notice we also proudly share that our line is 9-free. This means we are free of the 9 chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to your health. The standard nail polish is 5-free, and many lines are 7- or 8-free. Anything toxic we can remove, we have. In fact, our nail polish is safe for use during pregnancy, too.

We’ve written this post today in order to remind you that if you’re interested in cleaning up your beauty routine, or interested in making one small difference in your body or the world, you can literally start with your manicure. 

If you have any questions about whether your beauty products are cruelty-free, this website gives lots of information: https://www.leapingbunny.org