Our Favorite Way To Go Clean

While this topic is hot and trendy in the modern climate, it really does hold value. Our world is contaminated on so many levels, and on a much smaller (yet not less important) scale, so are our bodies. Anything you put on your skin eventually seeps into your body. Clean and green beauty is not thriving because it’s cool - it’s thriving because people are interested in the health and safety of both themselves and the world.

That’s why our nail polish is vegan, 9-free and cruelty free. A question we get asked a lot is how can nail polish not be vegan? Well, animal oils and fats, crushed beetles, and guanine (found in animal tissue and fish scales) are common ingredients in your every day nail polish. They’re what major manufacturers use to give your polish either shimmery glows, vibrant red colors and a thick texture. 

We make our polish without any of the ingredients (and more!) described above. If you’ve worn our colors, or have seen them in person, you won’t notice much of a difference between ours and our non-vegan competitors. The same with being cruelty-free. While you can never know if something was tested on animals based on the product itself, this factor holds more of an integrity issue. As a creator, if there is a way to create a product without harming animals or humans in the process, why wouldn’t you take that route? And as a consumer, if your choice is to buy a pink nail polish that wasn’t tested on animals versus one that was, which would you buy? If you’re here, we’ll assume you choose the cruelty-free option. 

You’ll probably also notice we also proudly share that our line is 9-free. This means we are free of the 9 chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to your health. The standard nail polish is 5-free, and many lines are 7- or 8-free. Anything toxic we can remove, we have. In fact, our nail polish is safe for use during pregnancy, too.

We’ve written this post today in order to remind you that if you’re interested in cleaning up your beauty routine, or interested in making one small difference in your body or the world, you can literally start with your manicure. 

If you have any questions about whether your beauty products are cruelty-free, this website gives lots of information: https://www.leapingbunny.org

Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! Whatever you say your relationship status is, remember you’re always in a relationship…with yourself, that is. And while Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday focusing on giving and receiving love with others, why not turn inward and give and receive love from yourself this year? Here are a few ideas on how to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day:

Practice Self Care

This will look different for everyone, but the idea is to slow down and do something your mind and body needs. If you’re unsure of what that may be, don’t worry! Your body will tell you - you just have to listen. For some, it’s an extra hour of sleep, others may want a random glass of wine. Maybe you need an hour on the treadmill instead of rushing through 30 minutes. Whatever it may be, indulge yourself that luxury.

Pamper Yourself

No surprise we’re adding this one in here. There’s something about pampering that just leaves a girl feeling like her best self. Treat yourself to a blowout, or a spa package of a facial or a massage. Or, get a mani-pedi! Some of our favorites this time of year are Pinkless, Mauve On and Girl Boss (on sale the whole month of February for $5 per bottle).  

Treat Yourself

We live in a time where many of us have multiple jobs and are still just making ends meet. It can be exhausting to be so responsible all of the time. Treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on! No need to wait for someone else to buy you a present - you deserve one from yourself. Not saying to put yourself in debt over a bag, but splurge a little. 

However you choose to celebrate love today, we encourage you to put yourself first. Wishing you the very best Valentine’s Day! 

Save Your Manicure, Go Waterless

Save Your Manicure, Go Waterless

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There are few things that boost a woman’s confidence more than freshly manicured nails. But not even forty-eight hours later we are tugging our sleeves over our hands, balling our fingers into fists, trying to hide those undesirable (and seemingly inevitable) chips in our polish.

To make your mani last longer, try going waterless next time you are getting pampered. Even though soaking those hard-working hands feels oh-so luxurious, it is actually the H20 that is keeping your polish from reaching its full potential.

Here’s the science: when your nails absorb water they expand and don’t fully dry for 24 hours. So the polish that goes on after the soak is painted on a distorted canvas. As the nail dries, it morphs back into its natural form, causing the polish to crack and peel and make us sad.

Try these tips to go waterless at home or in the salon while still getting the pampering you deserve:

  1. Use essential oils to soften your cuticles instead of water

Try applying lavender or peppermint oil around the nail bed. It does the trick and it’s extra moisturizing! Just remember to remove any oil residue from the nail before applying polish.

     2. Warm your hands with a hot towel

There is no denying the relaxation that comes with the nail bath. Try applying a towel warm from the dryer or if you are at the salon ask your technician for a hot towel for the same calming effect.

     3. Moisturize with your favorite hand lotion or coconut oil

Skipping the soak does not mean your hands have to suffer! Nothing complements freshly painted nails more than smooth, glowing skin. This step is especially important in prepping for the post-mani insta pic.  

     4. Pick your favorite Shello polish and apply with care

         After all, this manicure is going to last.

If you have any questions about getting the most out of your manicure by going waterless, let us know.

Gel Manicure Safety Tips

Gel Manicure Safety Tips

Gel manicures are known for their long-lasting durability but, often people forget about the health risks that are associated with them. Get some safety tips on how to protect your fabulous hands and some ideas on how to keep the gel manicure but avoid the UV dryer!

The Girlboss Collection

The Girlboss Collection

Are you a Girlboss? If so, then this color collection was made for you! It is a fresh and bold palette inspired by everyday women and women who conquer each day without breaking a sweat!